Justin Ellery, Your Lawyer in Timmins

Being a lawyer allows you to represent someone in need and to make a difference in their life.

Born and raised in Timmins Ontario, Justin is proud to be serving a community that has done so much for him. After attending St. Mike’s at the University of Toronto for an undergraduate degree, he attended Law School at the University of Windsor. He believed Timmins to be a good place to raise children and his four wonderful daughters attest to that belief. People sometimes speak poorly of Timmins but Justin can’t do so. He owes all of his professional success to the community and region.

Life stressors can impact people to the point that they feel helpless and sense that their lives are unraveling. Justin understands that nothing is more passionately emotional than the parent – child relationship. As the only private adoption licensee in North Eastern Ontario, Justin is proud to contribute to the happiness that a family can give. Now, in his 33 rd year of practice, Justin has helped his clients including children, adults and families find their peace.

For the past 25 years, Justin has represented various Children’s Aid Societies in North Eastern Ontario. Now, he is back to his roots, representing the parents in child protection proceedings.

With his experience dealing and representing with Child Protection Agencies, Justin knows the process and rules that they must follow. He will be able to hold these agencies accountable on your behalf.

From his first year of practice, Justin has been an advocate for First Nation clientele particularly in the Mushkegowuk and Wabun regions. Attending fly-in courts along the coastline of James and Hudson Bay is a regular event for him.

Justin is a passionate Toronto Maple Leafs fan. He also loves to give back to his community. The “wall of fame” in the reception area of the office highlights examples of how members of the law firm have given back to different teams, organizations and causes in and around our community.

There is no single approach that is the right one for every individual. Providing services in various areas of law including criminal, real estate, wills / estates, child protection / CAS, highway traffic offences, commercial law and more requires the ability to identify an issue and then forge a design to work towards a practical solution.

Justin is there to help you, will give you an honest opinion and suggest a pathway to achieve your desired goals.

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